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Jade brings 8 years of massage and 21 years of cosmetology experience to her practice. Blending Swedish massage with acupressure and deep tissue techniques, she creates an experience that caters to your specific needs. It is through this special dedication that she positively affects her client’s lifestyle, increasing and expanding the energy flow around them.
Through passion, kindness and a dedication for service, Jade inspires others to find a physical, mental and spiritual balance based on all the wonderful benefits of these healing practices. 
Schedule for a Bamboo Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Hot Stone Massage with Jade today!
Her work is largely based in Western modalities - a relaxing and free-flowing fusion of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.  She often incorporates other massage modalities and techniques including Reflexology, Sports massage, and stretching when appropriate.
Massage Therapist & Cosmetologist.
Whether your goal is to reduce stress or to help relieve chronic pain, Jade customizes her sessions to best suit your needs. Additionally, she is certified in Pre/Postnatal Massage, but also a certified cosmetologist offering Facials, Waxing, Pedicures and more.